Virginia teaches Gentle Yoga at Anytime Fitness, and classes are free to members, but open to walk-ins as well. She leads personal and group training sessions at Anytime Fitness


Virginia has been teaching yoga since 2012. First drawn to yoga by the physicality of the Vinyasa and Ashtanga practices, she slowly discovered the philosophy behind the practice and something shifted inside. Virginia believes in the need for balance between a Vinyasa and a Yin practice. With the passive postures of Yin Yoga, you will be asked to relax and soften, entering a state of meditation and surrender.

Virginia is also a personal and group trainer at Anytime Fitness in Bloomington and she has clients of all ages and abilities. She is also a certified Silver Sneakers Classic and Silver Sneakers Yoga instructor for older adults. Contact her for more information and for her schedule of sessions.